Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

My girls have been working so hard at school. That means Mama has been working hard too! My house is a total disaster (no, really). We had a busy weekend. So we took the day off from school today. I desperately needed to get some house work done.
It's quite amazing how horrible the house can get. But there are THREE kids here all the time. So it makes sense that my house is a wreck! Sometimes I feel so guilty at how bad the house gets. Let's just say that I'm not the super organized type (though I'd like to be). I want my house to be clean, or at least picked up, but not so clean that we all feel stifled. That balance has been a difficult one for me to find. Clean but not too clean......

When I laid #3 down for her nap, the big girls and I did a Valentine art project. Nothing fancy, just fun. I also started an idea sheet (my attempt at being organized!) of projects/toys for #3 to play with when I'm schooling the big girls. For some reason #3 just does not like it when she not getting all the attention! Go figure.
I'd add my idea sheet here but I'm too computer illiterate for that :-/
Here's the blog website I get most of my ideas from for tot school.

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