Saturday, February 26, 2011

Summer School

I've been thinking about breaks. I started the year off planning to stick as close as possible to the public school schedule. I've changed my mind. Drastically.
One of the perks of HS is that it doesn't have to be done like public school. I've learned that in more way than one. Certainly, HS provides opportunities to take a break whenever you want. We can take a family vacation in the middle of October or February if we want. Thankfully, the HS laws for our state are pretty lenient as long as we get in 180 school days a year.
I decided that we will be schooling year around. This gives us more days throughout the year to play with for breaks. We also won't be wasting any time with review for a typical new school year. As we finish one curriculum we'll move right into the next level instead having to wait until August. We'll break when we feel like we need it. Hopefully that will prevent the dreaded burn out that I hear about.
I like the routine that schooling for a few hours provides for us. It seems to keep our day "neater." I don't want to lose that during the summer.

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