Saturday, February 26, 2011

Our "classroom"

No, we do not have a room dedicated to school time. Most homeschoolers do not. It would be nice to have a space dedicated to school time but that's just not the case for us. So we make the space that we do have work for us.
We started with a small desk and a bookcase in my husband's man cave (den). #1 is very social and hated being alone. She even balks at being sent to her room to read for 15 minutes. So I moved her to the kitchen table. That worked for a while but for some reason we started doing everything at the kitchen bar. We've settled here and it works well for us. My kitchen/dining area is becoming very educational!

This is the laundry room where I keep the art supplies.

A few books scattered here and there

 A broom closet that needs some serious help

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