Monday, August 1, 2011

First Day (of 2nd year) Success!

I put alot of thought into our 2nd year and really hoped it would go better than our first year. Don't get me wrong. Our first year was great but it was more about learning HOW to do it and building confidence. I've gone into this second year with so much more confidence. I don't have to worry about if I can do it or not. I know that I can now. With that being said......

This year has started off on the right foot! My slap bracelet system worked as I had anticipated. Number 1 says it really helps her since she knows what she's accomplished and how much is left. I think it kept the school time from feeling "unending" to her. And since she is able to remove a bracelet for every subject completed, she felt as if she were getting somewhere and reaching her goal for the day.

And because we dare not leave #2 out:

I think our favorite part of the day was history. Mystery of History is awesome. I'm suspecting that #1 is an audio learner so having the CD's "read" to her as she followed along in the book worked well. Draw and Write Through History was fun for her too since she likes art. Here's a pic of her during her history lesson. It's my fave pic of the day.

Number 1 was in tears last night. She was terrified of going into 4th grade. I would say the school day ended very well as everyone was happy and had smiles on their face. And #1 realized there was nothing at all to fear.