Monday, February 14, 2011

New Spelling Program

We got so tired of the typical spelling program of say-spell-say and write write write. It was boring and hard and #1 wasn't retaining anything. As is typical for me, I read about spelling programs until I was blue in the face. I was looking for a few things in whatever program we chose: 1)Worksheets. I wanted more than a list of words. 2)Friendly to the kinesthetic learner. In other words, worksheets PLUS hands on activites. 3)Christian based (though not completely necessary).
I looked at several programs and narrowed it down over a few days. I finally settled on A Reason For Spelling. It met all 3 of my requirements. We've only used it for one school week but didn't use all the worksheets for that week. So far, #1 and I both LOVE it!
It comes with the student workbook and teacher's manual. After using the placement test on the A Beginning Advantage website, we chose Level C to start with.
We haven't had a full school week to use it yet. It came in the mail on a Tuesday and I was too excited to wait until the next week. It is easy enough to use that I didn't have to study the teacher's manual and make out a plan sheet. I want to spend the next day or so getting more familiar with the materials and use the program at it's maximum. With that being said, one could see that it can be a user friendly (mama friendly) program.
I'll update more when we've had more experience.

Oh, I bought it from because it was cheaper to order from there.

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