Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Summer plans

It didn't take me long to decide that we would school year around. I don't want to lose ground by taking the whole summer off and then having to spend time in review once we start back. I also like the routine that schooling provides. It keeps everyone from getting bored and acting out.

So what are we planning to do during the summer? We are currently on a one week well deserved break (haven't had one of those since the beginning of March!) so I've had time to think this over. I don't think we're going to do a full work load like we usually do. My biggest concern is Math since we switched programs a couple times during the year trying to find the right match. We are a little behind and need to get caught up. Besides, Math is one of those subjects that if you don't use it you'll lose it pretty quick. At least, it is in our case.

So, our summer program will look more like this:
For 3rd/4th grade
Math: Continue on with Time4Learning. T4L is still working out great for #1. Math is still not her fave subject but at least we don't have as many tears. I also want to incorporate some workbooks to give her math time that's not on the computer. I haven't decided on which workbooks.
Language Arts: Continue on with T4L and Winston Grammar.
Art: Start Artistic Pursuits
Handwriting: We were doing Abeka's cursive worksheets earlier in the year. As we tried to adjust to homeschooling, handwriting was one of those unnecessary subjects that we quit. With a lighter summer schedule, I think it would be a good time to start it back. However, I will not be using Abeka. I'm looking at D'Nealian handwriting or BJU Press Handwriting.
*UPDATE: We started BJU Handwriting today (6/7/11). Thoughts on it to come later. 
Spanish: Grandma has actually been working with #1 on this!

Right now we are still using My Father's World ECC for Bible/Science/History/Geography. It's going well and we really like it. We'll be putting it aside for the summer though and start back in the Fall.

For Pre-k/K:
Not really going to be making any changes here. We already take things easy for #2. She's only 4!
Math: A combination of Shiller Math and Horizons Math
Early Phonics: Keep going with Get Ready for the Code series. We're about to start Book C of the series which is the last one!
Handwriting: We haven't been doing this as she just hasn't been ready. She's finally showing signs of readiness so I've been looking into what I'd like to start. Right now, I'm most interested in D'Nealian.
*UPDATE: Will be going with "Write Now" from BJU Press. I decided to wait until we start Kindy work in the late summer/early fall.

We'll see how this goes. I consider us to still be in the tedious learning stage of homeschool. Hopefully, summer school works for us. If not, I'll know better for next summer!