Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Very Wonderful Day

Today was one of those days when it just clicked. Everyone was in a good mood. Everyone was cooperating (for the most part). Everyone was enjoying learning (for the most part). When we took our lunch break I heard my oldest say "This is a very wonderful day." We had just finished Math. She hates Math and yet it was still a very wonderful day. I think the new math program is working.
While I was cooking supper (leftovers so not too much cooking going on) the 4 yr old asks if we can "do school."
Be still my beating heart. Words Mrs. Mom likes to hear!

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  1. That is awesome Camille! You're definitely doing some things right! I hope that is how a typical day will go for you all from now on. :-)

    James LOVES to do school. For almost a month after I stopped he was begging for more. I feel guilty that he's stopped asking. And I noticed his behavior had improved while we did school. The one thing he didn't care for was writing his letters on the dry erase board - and funny, those are missing. *lol*
    Anyway, your blog is inspiring me to get up & get it going again. I HAVE to. It seems once guilt overwhelmed me about it we all of a sudden have been very busy though. Hoping I'll get a chance to get to it. This is another reason why the idea of online homeschooling (where they grade it and do the curriculum etc all online) is appealing to me. It takes more pressure off of me. And after reading about A Beka I know it isn't for me. I read their 27 reasons we may not be for you and the first several were all I needed to see. One being that they want me to read out loud a ton it says - can't do that with Alexandra and we're hoping to have another one early next year, God willing - so a ton of out loud reading to James won't work. Also, they're less hands on they say and more reading. Plus, the big one for me, they don't do testing very much they say. I'm all about the tests. I don't want to use my own gauges based on my time with him and asking him questions. I like to see it on paper so I can compare as time goes by how his progress is going. Especially since my memory is horrible - I need to see it all to compare it.
    Okay, this reply is LONG, sorry. :)