Sunday, January 30, 2011

The MAIN reason I love homeschool

There are a lot of reasons I love HS. Building a program that fits my individual child. Watching that child "get it." Better grades! The delay of the world's view of what is "right." Avoiding bad influences (such as my 7 yr old getting asked to have sex in the first grade). Getting help with cleaning the house (tee hee).

The MAIN reason I love HS, though, is the closeness it creates. When my oldest was in public school, our routine was a little like this: Up at 6:30 a.m., on the bus by 7:30. Home from school around 4. Quick snack, a little play time. An hour (or more) of homework (with tears). Supper, baths, bed.

Now we are together all day. Some view this as a bad thing but it's just not! I'm amazed at the closeness that has developed since we started HS. I get to see the the light go on when they figure out a math problem. I get to see the delight over a science project. I get to take the credit for my child's education. I get to answer the hard questions about life (not the silly kids at public school). There are always opportunities to talk about whatever, whenever. It's really hard to explain the relational development since we started HS. I think other HS-ers would understand what I mean.
Now, I'm NOT saying that this type of relationship with children is impossible when the kids are in PS. I think it just takes more work to develop it since the time spent together is limited.

I will admit, sometimes I wish I could have a full day to myself without kids. I LOVE to be alone due to my introverted personality type! But now that I know what I was missing out on, I wouldn't trade those days alone for what I have now for anything.

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