Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas crafts

Since we basically took off the entire month of December (with the exception of a few days) we had time to do some crafts. The first thing we tried is paper plate angels. It made a huge mess so I assume it was fun!

 I got the idea from here:

Later, we made hearts out of homemade modeling clay. I baked it in the oven and after it cooled we painted it with kid's washable paint. When that dried I painted over it with Elmer's glue to seal it and give it a shine. All it did was mess up our paint. I wish I had skipped the last step. On Christmas Day we gave our "hearts" to Jesus. I'm saving them in a box so we can look at them against next year. I'd love to make this a tradition every year.

I've enjoyed the time off but I'm ready to get started back schooling in January. I have a new math program coming in so I'm looking forward to trying (and hopefully loving and sticking with) something new.

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